Writing & editing

A well-written document is both effective and easy to read. I write and edit text for business documents, marketing pieces, web sites, letters, SOQs, proposals, etc. You can find more writing projects in the marketing materials and web sites categories.

REAP email newsletters

Design and write a series of periodic email newsletters for a nonprofit literacy organization. An email template makes it easy to insert images and text for the next issue, and helps maintain a consistent look. The emails go to different audiences: educators, donors, volunteers and sometimes all three.

Client: REAP

"Okay, I am blown away by how great this looks! Seriously, way more than anything I have ever done!!!!"

—Jennifer R., REAP
Troop 175 Newbie Guide

Design and write a guide for scouts and parents new to Troop 175. The guide explains Troop meetings, procedures, expectations and practical advice about the world of boy scouting.

Client: Troop 175
Weekly construction reports

Edit a weekly report for a school construction project in France. The reports are written by a French-speaking architect, so they must be re-worded to sound more like “real English” for the architect’s American clients.

Employee handbook

Design and edit the content for a new employee handbook. The manual uses the company’s new color scheme and logo to tie in with their other printed materials. The handbook was designed in Word for easy updating and in-house printing.

Phoenix School handbook

Pro bono work to overhaul a parent handbook for a non-profit childcare center, including annual updates for five years.

Sales letter

Edit the text for a sales letter to introduce a new company to prospective clients.

"The letter is exactly what I was looking for, and hopefully will be a great help in my marketing efforts."

—Paul L., Jenestar Web Creations
Feasibility studies & proposals

Edit the content for numerous architectural feasibility studies and proposals. The documents are written by a French-speaking architect and need to be carefully re-worded for an audience of American clients.

KidBits newsletter

Pro bono work to design and write a monthly newsletter for parents and staff of a non-profit childcare center. The writing project continued for five years.

Pharmacist recruiting package

Rewrite and redesign an existing mis-matched package of materials to recruit nuclear pharmacists.

The first task was to heavily edit the existing text and to write new text based on client interviews. The next step was to organize the random components into a logical sequence, using a single, consistent design to complement the company’s marketing brochure.

"It was wonderful having that information to give out, and I think it was received very, very well. It made the presentation much easier and more effective."

—Venita O., Recruiting Specialist, Central Pharmacy Services