I design and maintain web sites and often write or edit the content as well. An effective web site looks great and conveys your message clearly. The information should be easy to find and well written. Colors and photos always help grab the reader’s attention.

Camp 175 website

Build a new WordPress website for a camping facility on Lake Allatoona. The new site contains photo galleries, site maps and a reservation form processed via PayPal.

Client: Troop 175
REAP website

This custom WordPress web site targets multiple audiences of a nonprofit organization. The site encourages donors to contribute to the cause, enables teachers to apply online for special literacy training, and encourages administrators to send their teachers for training. The site is easily updated by the REAP staff using the online WordPress editor.

Client: REAP

"Thank you Eve Wyatt!!!! The new site looks fantabulous!"

—Jennifer R., REAP
REAP Swag Shop on CafePress

This custom online retail shop uses CafePress to sell print-on-demand promotional items for a nonprofit literacy organization. Buyers can order shirts, mugs, magnets and more in one of 6 colorful designs. Visit the REAP Swag Shop on CafePress

Client: REAP
Makin’ it Work website

Design and write the content for a web site to promote on-site tech support services. The company provides friendly help for people struggling to troubleshoot their phones, laptops, pcs, tablets, networks, etc.

Troop 175 website

Build a WordPress web site for a local Boy Scout troop, including news, Google event calendar and photo gallery that allows web visitors to upload photos for each troop event and outing.

Client: Troop 175

"The Troop 175 website looks great. Thanks for your part in making it happen."

—M. Adams, web site visitor
Ruark & Wyatt website

Replace an outdated web site for a small commercial architecture firm. The site contains a sortable project database with 200+ projects and hundreds of photos, and also serves as the company’s in-house project tracking system.

REAP website 2013

Build a custom WordPress web site for a start-up nonprofit organization to promote literacy through improved teacher training. The site targets donors and educates them about the cause, and targets teachers who want to sign up for the training. The site is easily updated by the REAP staff using the online WordPress editor.

Client: REAP
DDN website

This custom-designed WordPress web site serves a community-based organization centered around dyslexia education and awareness. The site delivers loads of information and resources as well as group events and news. It serves as a connection point for families, educators and dyslexia-related resources.

"Eve, in a nutshell----you are a miracle worker!!!!!!!!!!"

—Julia R., Decatur Dyslexia Network
Aberdeen Funding website

This web site gives Aberdeen Funding a fresh face to appeal to a new target audience of young professionals. Aberdeen is a factoring company that pays cash to businesses while they wait for invoices to be paid.

ODC website

This web site highlights the work of a commercial architecture firm in Paris, France. The site features a project database and gallery of project photos.

Tu Chefs website

This web site generates interest in a small catering company. Tu Chefs offers catering, cooking classes and in-home chef services for dinner parties. The owner wanted the colors and type style to evoke a French country theme to complement the company name.

Client: Tu Chefs

"It looks great! The colors are so great. They hop out of the page. I love the class pages, they are very impressive. You do an awesome job. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the little touches you give in order to help the business end of the process."

—Merijoy R., Tu Chefs
Yes! Decatur website

This short-term web site was set up for the specific purpose of educating community members in order to gain support for a city bond referendum. The site uses a “friendly face” to deliver rather tedious information, breaking potentially complex issues into manageable bites.

Client: Yes! Decatur
Earth Products website

This project involved updating and expanding the company’s web site with a new look, new identity and more products. The client wanted a site that was colorful and fun, while maintaining a clean, professional look with clear, simple navigation.

Food, Etc. website

This site targets brides looking for a catering company. The catering tips and FAQs help educate clients about planning their big day. Photos of people and a palette of vibrant, inviting colors capture the personality of this engaging, down-to-earth caterer.

Client: Food, Etc.

"I couldn't wait to see everything! I love that wording. You are so good!! The page looks great. Thanks for everything. I can't wait to show off the mock up."

—Merijoy R., Food, Etc.
Stone Forest website

This temporary web site was designed to inspire do-it-yourselfers to build projects with stone and other natural landscape materials. The site uses lots of images to evoke the feel of an online showroom, and to illustrate the many uses of stone products.

Client: Stone Forest
Builder Specialties website

This web site establishes an online presence for a company that sells and installs upscale appliances and specialty building products. The user-friendly site includes lots of photos and links to helpful information.

"The site looks great! It’s very user-friendly. I’m excited about the progress you’ve made. Thank you very much!"

—Wes D., Builder Specialties
CompassLead Consulting website

This project transformed a text-only, single web page into a comprehensive, professional-looking web site. The home page explains the company’s hard-to-describe business, while second-level pages give details and examples based on the company’s written marketing materials.

"My web site still gets compliments!"

—John B., CEO of CompassLead Consulting, Inc.