Marketing materials

Small businesses have a wide range of needs for marketing tools. From flyers and postcards to ads and trifolds, I write and design basic marketing pieces for clients in many different industries.

Impact ad

Design a quick, small ad to showcase a client’s custom mouthguards in a roller derby magazine.

"Nailed it!"

—Frank. R, Impact Custom Mouthguards
RWA postcard series

Create a series of jumbo postcards to promote commercial architectural services. Each postcard design highlighted the firm’s expertise with a specific type of project.

REAP promotional items

Design a series of promotional items to promote REAP’s Train | Teach | Read fundraising campaign. We ended up with five different designs to appeal to a variety of audiences: women, men, teens, kids, teachers, donors, volunteers, etc. Each of the designs is available to print on demand as a shirt, bag, mug, travel mug, sticker and magnet in the REAP Swag Shop, a custom shop on CafePress.

Client: REAP
Ruark & Wyatt email template

Design and write a marketing email template for a commercial architect. An email template makes it easy to insert images and text for the next issue, and helps maintain a consistent look.

Makin’ it Work postcard

Design a postcard to promote a new tech-support business targeted at seniors and people who need help solving their technology problems.

Impact table-top signage

Create a series of table-top signs to market custom mouthguards to young athletes and their parents at sporting events.

REAP email newsletters

Design and write a series of periodic email newsletters for a nonprofit literacy organization. An email template makes it easy to insert images and text for the next issue, and helps maintain a consistent look. The emails go to different audiences: educators, donors, volunteers and sometimes all three.

Client: REAP

"Okay, I am blown away by how great this looks! Seriously, way more than anything I have ever done!!!!"

—Jennifer R., REAP
Concert poster

Design a poster to promote a concert featuring a young singer-songwriter performing at a local venue.

REAP trifold brochure

Design a trifold brochure to promote REAP, a nonprofit organization that trains public school teachers to more effectively teach struggling readers. The brochure gives potential donors a very basic overview of REAP’s mission to improve literacy in public school students.


Client: REAP
REAP event poster

Design a poster to promote a screening of an HBO documentary movie about dyslexia. The movie was sponsored by a local nonprofit literacy organization that targets teachers and parents of struggling readers.

Client: REAP
Impact marketing postcards

Design a series of sports-specific postcards/flyers to encourage athletes to buy a custom mouthguard. The postcards highlight the safety and comfort benefits of wearing a custom-fit mouthguard, and showcase colorful designs that appeal to young athletes.

RWA postcard mailer

Create a postcard mailer to promote commercial architectural services. The postcard focused on a series of three industrial projects completed for a high-profile client.

REAP concert posters

Design a series of 22 x 28 posters to promote REAP’s concert fundraiser, plus a generic poster to be reused at future events. Rigid foamcore backing makes the posters easy to display, carry, store and reuse.

Client: REAP
Aberdeen postcard mailer

Design a postcard to bring in new clients for a factoring company. The client wanted a fresh look targeted toward a young audience.

"Very good work! I am appreciative of the great working relationship we have. You get me!"

—Frank R., Aberdeen Funding
Aberdeen marketing flyer

Design a marketing flyer to target young business professionals and explain the benefits of factoring.

Stone Forest trifold brochure

Design a trifold brochure to promote the products and services offered by a retailer of stone and natural landscape materials. The brochure is designed in Word for easy updating and printing from a desktop printer.

Client: Stone Forest
Fax flyer

Design a high-impact fax flyer to grab the attention of trucking companies that want to receive fast payment for outstanding invoices.

"Looks good. Thanks for the great work!"

—Frank R., President of Invoice Advance
Statement of qualifications

Create a professional-looking, inexpensive marketing package for a start-up architecture firm. The package includes a series of mix-and-match sheets: project & client lists, corporate résumés, etc. The architects can update the materials in-house to produce customized packages with a desktop color printer.

Magazine/newspaper ads

This magazine ad encourages readers to visit the showroom of an upscale retail store that carries stone and landscape materials. This is one of a series of ads—both color and B&W—designed for local magazines, newspapers and Yellow Pages.

Client: Stone Forest
Trifold and marketing package

Design a mini marketing package for a start-up consulting firm. A tall, narrow folder holds step-cut project sheets and a trifold. The package fits a #10 envelope or shirt pocket, and is produced on a color laser printer using pre-printed paper.

"...I'm very, very happy. The stuff looks great! I'm proud to be able to put these brochures out there. Thank you for your quick attention and great service. It's always a pleasure working with you."

—John B., CEO of CompassLead Consulting, Inc.
Postcard mailer

Design a postcard to encourage homeowners to visit the showroom of an upscale retail store that carries stone and landscape materials.

Client: Stone Forest
Trifold brochure

Overhaul an outdated black and white brochure to make it effective, fun and easy to read. Color photos replace clipart. The text was heavily edited, adding bulleted lists for quick reading. The brochures are printed directly from a desktop color printer.