How To

These short articles walk you step by step through some of the specific tasks associated with writing and design projects. Be sure to check out the Articles page too, where you’ll find articles about various writing and design topics.

The articles come from past issues of Idea Pages, the Wyatt Communications newsletter.

Business Letters…Before and After

Check out the transformation of a simple cover letter—from dull and uninspiring to confident and convincing.

Setting up a Web Site

Review the basic steps: getting a domain name, how to create a web site, and getting the site online.

Working with a Designer or Writer

Tips for getting the most of your working relationship with a designer or writer.

Developing a Basic Marketing Plan

Create a simple marketing plan to organize and track your marketing actions.

Putting Together a Brochure

A brief, step-by-step guide for writing and laying out a basic brochure.

Ideas for a Targeted Mailing

How to develop and implement a mailing to target your best marketing prospects.

Formatting Your Press Release

Hands-on tips for formatting and writing a basic press release.

Choosing Graphics Software

Find out which type of software will work best for the kinds of documents you create.

Protecting your Data

Wiped out by a virus! Here are some of the simple, basic ways to protect your data from viruses and computer problems.

Creating a Document Step-by-Step

Overcome writer’s block and organize thoughts into a structured document.