Ideas for a Targeted Mailing

Choose a Theme & Giveaway for Your Mailing

The purpose of a customized, targeted mailing is to generate interest among well-qualified prospects. Step One is to choose a clever theme, and a fun or useful giveaway item. Dollar stores are a great source for affordable promo items. For a bigger impact, you’ll want good-quality items that are unusual, humorous or otherwise memorable.

A vacation-oriented travel agency might choose a colorful frisbee, beach ball or fishing lure along with the theme, “Time to Take a Break and Catch Some Fun!” The gift should catch the eye of a prospect who might not otherwise look at your package. The best promo items are those that end up getting used, sitting on the client’s desk, or passed on to the kids. I still use the measuring tape/keychain my parents got from a Jeep dealership more than twenty-five years ago! If possible, the item should have your company name and phone number on it for future reference.

Create an Accompanying Marketing Package

To accompany the gift, assemble a package of information about your business. Include a brief letter explaining your offer and close with a call to action; “Book your trip before October 31 to get this special vacation deal!”

Include contact information (company name, phone, email, web site, etc.) in a prominent place, and supply a pre-stamped, pre-addressed reply card so people can respond by mail, phone or email. Carefully package the mailing in an attractive, durable container. For big-ticket prospects, have the package delivered rather than sent by regular mail; it’s more personal and more impressive.

Develop a List of Hot Prospects

When you put a lot of effort into a special mailing, you want to send it to a select list of well-qualified prospects. These may be people you already know, or people you have determined to be excellent potential clients based on other factors. Choose them carefully!

Follow Up!

Make sure your marketing materials are up to date (including your web site), and be prepared to respond promptly to requests for additional information. Call to make sure the prospects received the mailing, and answer any questions they may have.