Troop 175

Troop 175 is a large Atlanta-area Boy Scout troop and pro bono client. They needed a web site to store and share information for 150+ troop parents. I set up a SimpleLists listserv email group when the troop grew too large to send group emails to individual members. I created a “Newbie Guide” to address the frequent and redundant questions from parents of new scouts, which helps free up the Scoutmaster’s time to work with the boys.

Troop 175 Newbie Guide

Design and write a guide for scouts and parents new to Troop 175. The guide explains Troop meetings, procedures, expectations and practical advice about the world of boy scouting.

Camp 175 website

Build a new WordPress website for a camping facility on Lake Allatoona. The new site contains photo galleries, site maps and a reservation form processed via PayPal.

Troop 175 website

Build a WordPress web site for a local Boy Scout troop, including news, Google event calendar and photo gallery that allows web visitors to upload photos for each troop event and outing.

"The Troop 175 website looks great. Thanks for your part in making it happen."

—M. Adams, web site visitor
Troop 175 Listserv

Set up a listserv for Troop leaders and members to exchange news and info. The Troop grew quickly, which led to cumbersome lists of email addresses, bounced emails and emails going to spam folders. A listserv solved the problem, enabling the Troop to email the 150+ members with one single email address. Members can update their email preferences, check archived emails and view attachments online.

Troop 175 Trip Form

Redesign the Troop trip forms and create a Microsoft Word template to serve as the basis for future forms.

The new form neatly packs a lot of info into a tight space. It can be quickly and easily updated for each monthly trip using tables, form fields and clickable checkboxes. The forms are posted on the Troop web site for downloading.