Ruark & Wyatt Architects

I’ve worked with the principals of this commercial architecture firm to develop two web sites and a variety of marketing pieces, and to create forms and databases to make their time more productive.

Ruark & Wyatt website

Replace an outdated web site for a small commercial architecture firm. The site contains a sortable project database with 200+ projects and hundreds of photos, and also serves as the company’s in-house project tracking system.

RWA document templates and forms

This project involved creating a series of hard-working computer forms to match the client’s letterhead: letter templates, checklists, proposals, field reports, meeting minutes, fax covers, etc.

Architects require a lot of paperwork, so we set up the documents using the form capabilities of Microsoft Word to speed up the tedious data entry process.

RWA postcard mailer

Create a postcard mailer to promote commercial architectural services. The postcard focused on a series of three industrial projects completed for a high-profile client.

RWA postcard series

Create a series of jumbo postcards to promote commercial architectural services. Each postcard design highlighted the firm’s expertise with a specific type of project.

Ruark & Wyatt email template

Design and write a marketing email template for a commercial architect. An email template makes it easy to insert images and text for the next issue, and helps maintain a consistent look.

Statement of qualifications

Create a professional-looking, inexpensive marketing package for a start-up architecture firm. The package includes a series of mix-and-match sheets: project & client lists, corporate résumés, etc. The architects can update the materials in-house to produce customized packages with a desktop color printer.