Makin’ it Work

I’ve worked with the owner of Makin’ it Work on a variety of projects over the past 15 years. Most recently we worked together to design a logo, business card, postcard and web site to launch his new start-up business. The business provides friendly on-site tech help for seniors and other folks that don’t have the time or knowledge to set up or troubleshoot their laptops, phones, computers, WiFi networks, etc.

Makin’ it Work postcard

Design a postcard to promote a new tech-support business targeted at seniors and people who need help solving their technology problems.

Makin’ it Work website

Design and write the content for a web site to promote on-site tech support services. The company provides friendly help for people struggling to troubleshoot their phones, laptops, pcs, tablets, networks, etc.

Makin’ it Work logo & business card

Design a logo and business card for a business that provides on-site tech help. The design is intended to be friendly and appealing to seniors and others who struggle with technology.