Business documents

Business document “templates” make it easy for you to create organized, consistent, professional-looking communications. I design great-looking, hard-working forms that you can fill out on your computer or print out then fill in by hand.

Impact order form

Design an order form for custom mouthguards. One single form is used for multiple complex product offers, each with a different pricing structure and different options for colors, logos, shipping, etc.

Troop 175 Listserv

Set up a listserv for Troop leaders and members to exchange news and info. The Troop grew quickly, which led to cumbersome lists of email addresses, bounced emails and emails going to spam folders. A listserv solved the problem, enabling the Troop to email the 150+ members with one single email address. Members can update their email preferences, check archived emails and view attachments online.

Client: Troop 175
Stone Forest document templates and forms

Develop business forms for a stone/landscape materials retailer to match the company’s new logo and stationery. This included letter templates, fax covers, job applications and more, all created in Microsoft Word.

Client: Stone Forest
RWA document templates and forms

This project involved creating a series of hard-working computer forms to match the client’s letterhead: letter templates, checklists, proposals, field reports, meeting minutes, fax covers, etc.

Architects require a lot of paperwork, so we set up the documents using the form capabilities of Microsoft Word to speed up the tedious data entry process.

Mowe document templates and forms

Develop forms for a small structural engineering firm. This included 14 different document templates in Microsoft Word designed to match the company’s new logo and stationery. These new forms save valuable time over the engineer’s old method of filling out forms by hand.

Client: Mowe, Inc.
Troop 175 Trip Form

Redesign the Troop trip forms and create a Microsoft Word template to serve as the basis for future forms.

The new form neatly packs a lot of info into a tight space. It can be quickly and easily updated for each monthly trip using tables, form fields and clickable checkboxes. The forms are posted on the Troop web site for downloading.

Client: Troop 175
Phoenix School forms

Pro bono work to redesign 20+ forms, templates, directories, signage, etc. for a non-profit childcare program. The enrollment paperwork was reduced by more than 50% using more efficient forms. The new children’s activity forms are easier to fill out and contain more information for parents. The school can easily update and print these Microsoft Word documents.