Need an occasional hand with marketing-related projects?

I help small businesses with writing/editing, logos, business cards, web sites, ads, postcards, forms…you get the idea. Whether you need a whole new web site or just some edits for a business letter, I welcome projects large and small.


Recent Projects

Create a colorful custom WordPress web site for a small, local non-profit organization.

Design a quick, small ad to showcase a client’s custom mouthguards in a roller derby magazine.

Latest Tips: Design & Editing

Write from the reader’s perspective

As you write, put yourself in the reader’s shoes; what would he or she want to know about your business? Try to anticipate and answer these questions in your writing.

Use styles for formatting documents

Use “styles” to make formatting much simpler (and faster) in your word processing documents. When you need to change the font, size, etc., it takes just a few clicks to update the text format in your whole document.

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